Anthanasia Moncrief: a talented entrepreneur

Our entrepreneur, Anthanasia Moncrief, hailing from Philadelphia, is passionate about contributing to the community from an early age. She chooses to serve the surroundings by helping abused women, homeless people and children all around. According to Nasia Moncrief- Nick Name, coming from Philadelphia, served as a melting point of thoughts for different cultures and opened a new horizon of thinking options for her.

Because Nasia was blessed with diverse career options before she chose to work as a social worker and as a community welfare service provider, she had a chance to be part of the real estate world, where she worked day and night helping people find the most suited place for them. Helping and interacting with others polished her skills in communicating with people, which later helped her become an empowered woman ready to work as a businessperson.

She realized it was time for her entrepreneurial venture to take place, and she decided to work and open a new company known as Prominent Cleaning. Because of her tireless effort and dedication, her company was soon able to gain a stellar reputation and make its mark in the cleaning industry.

Because of her career options and ability to outclass all those who worked with her, she is now looking to work in a restaurant. She soon gained her worth working in a reputable restaurant at the heart of the city, where she established her position as an operational manager. Ranging from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, Nasia Moncrief hailed a new journey to embark which was her potential role as a social worker.

Nasia’s professional growth and career took a leap of faith when she joined the social and community improvement projects. Contributing to society and providing the underprivileged people of the community an opportunity to live their lives. Without any fear and those who were homeless, she also worked for them to provide them the option to enjoy their lives like everyone else in the community.

For Anthanasia, the aim of working as a social worker and entrepreneur is to make a complete impact on her skills and make sure that she is able to make a huge impact on the community that they have been part of. Slowly and surely, these little positives could bring about so many changes in society that are not only considerable but long-term as well.

What makes Nasia Moncrief different from others is her will to succeed and be proud of the community that she was part of. Diverse career paths and different trajectories from any others that Nasia chose for herself set her apart from her counterparts. It was Nasia’s dedication and hard work that made her what she is today.

She also mentions that the power of being socially aware gives you a sense of belonging and relief when it comes to maintaining high standards of community and entrepreneurial work. Helping others raises the bar of discipline and self-awareness for Nasia and comforts those in need. For whom she worked for.

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