The new cryptocurrency – GOGA is a groundbreaking metaverse project focusing on meta classrooms, event halls and games; the token is now open for presale.

Tamilnadu, Chennai, 11th December 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, In the presale phase, GOGA token holders can stake their acquired tokens and earn up to a 20% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) in USDT. You can also earn 5% instant bonus in USDT sent directly to your wallet when someone uses your referral link to participate in the presale.

This one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency (GOGA) is ready to bridge the gap between traditional learning methods and the technological era that we live in today. With the help of classrooms built in GOGA metaverse, GOGA will create history in the field of learning. What’s more? You don’t just learn but also delve into a world of events and games. The GOGA universe helps organize small- and large-scale events where one can not just host events but also rent/buy/sell event halls in GOGA metaverse and earn passive income. Apart from this, GOGA also enables gamers to dive into a game-world filled with adventure and thrilling scenes that will most certainly keep you awestruck. The GOGA metaverse comprises of meta classrooms, event halls and game-lands that can be purchased and sold for a higher value or can be rented out to others to earn a passive income. With the announcement of its pre-sale, you might want to grab these coins before they go public and its value multiplies.


The focus of GOGA is to unleash the virtual world out in the open and for people to connect, learn and unlearn the different concepts that revolve around METAVERSE. In today’s fast paced world, man-made innovations go hand in hand with artificial intelligence. Fast forward to a metaverse that helps you stay connected with the audience from across borders. Where one can not only take part in events but also host them. A platform that helps build a classroom like ambience and goes a step beyond. One can conduct seminars, conferences, lectures and much more. What’s more? GOGA also encourages its audience to play games and earn rewards. A token that brings about a potential collaboration between the education and entertainment industry.


In the educational frontier, the Meta classrooms have pioneered an extensive network of approximately 600 training centers and expansive virtual classrooms. This groundbreaking initiative transcends the confines of traditional education, offering students an immersive and interconnected digital realm. Each of the 600 training centers serves as a portal to dynamic, visually stunning classrooms tailored to diverse subjects. In this virtual landscape, educators guide students through interactive lessons and simulations, fostering global collaboration and creativity. Beyond the technological marvel, this Metaverse is a testament to the power of community and shared learning experiences. The 600 training centers not only serve as gateways to education but also as passive income generator for people to buy these classrooms and rent them out to others or by even reselling them at higher values.


Enter the exciting world of games, an adventure where you explore a frozen wilderness and face tough weather to stay alive. With icy winds and lots of snow, sometimes the sun burning right through your skin or even floods and tsunamis, you’ll need to be smart about finding shelter, hunting for food, and staying warm. With a day-night cycle and realistic survival challenges, players must adapt to the unforgiving environment. Join hands with multiple players or if you’re witty enough, battle solo and earn rewards, upgrade your character and earn the GOGA respect that everyone’s craving for. This gaming metaverse turns regular gaming into a thrilling adventure where every choice matters, combining the excitement of hunting with the strategy of staying alive in a beautiful but tricky virtual world.


The world of MetaEvents is versatile. Meta Events is a dynamic metaverse designed for seamless event hosting and social interaction. Users can create and personalize virtual event spaces, from party halls to conference rooms, and effortlessly organize, promote, and manage events. Anyone using GOGA metaverse can own a part of the meta event spaces using native GOGA token. Anyone in GOGA metaverse can buy these spaces and have the option to earn passive income by renting and reselling their event areas, facilitated by secure transaction systems in GOGA metaverse.


The presale phase of GOGA plays a pivotal role in laying the groundwork for a strong community base. In this critical stage, 50% of the total tokens, equivalent to 500,000,000 GOGA, are offered to the public, ensuring an equitable distribution. The presale price is established at $0.0001 per token, presenting an attractive entry opportunity for early supporters before the tokens are released to the wider public. This strategy aims to foster a diverse and engaged community, allowing enthusiasts to become early participants in the GOGA ecosystem at a favorable initial price point.


STAGE 1 DIAMOND $ 0.0001

STAGE 2 PLATINUM $ 0.00012

STAGE 3 GOLD $ 0.00014

STAGE 4 SILVER $ 0.00016

STAGE 5 BRONZE $ 0.00018

Post the presale, and at the time of launch, the token price is set to be $ 0.00020


In the presale phase, GOGA token holders have the opportunity to stake their acquired tokens and earn up to a 20% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) in USDT. By staking during this period, participants can claim their earnings every week until the presale concludes, and the token is officially launched. This staking mechanism not only encourages early supporters to actively engage with the GOGA community but also provides them with a potential avenue for regular returns in USDT throughout the presale duration.

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