BlackFort Exchange Network Introduces Blockchain Platform and BXN Smartchain Technology

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 8th Dec 2023 – BlackFort Exchange Network(BlackFort), a blockchain technology, has announced the launch of its innovative blockchain platform and BXN Smartchain technology. BlackFort’s platform is designed to provide a top-tier blockchain experience with features such as EVM compatibility, speed, scalability, security, and efficiency for those seeking to build blockchain-based solutions.

The BlackFort Exchange Network introduces BXN Smartchain technology, revolutionizing the management of digital assets. BXN Smartchain allows for quick transfers of digital assets between multiple parties in a transparent manner. This innovative technology facilitates the use of smart contracts, enabling the automation of complex transactions and interactions. The BXN Smartchain has the potential to open up new possibilities for the global economy.

BlackFort’s blockchain platform is a Layer 1 blockchain that offers compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It boasts impressive speed, scalability, and security features, providing a robust foundation for digital asset management. The platform is also designed to be efficient, allowing for the easy delegation with Proof-of-Staked-Authority (PoSA). Transparency is a key priority for BlackFort, bolstering that all transaction participants have the information needed to feel secure. 

BlackFort’s blockchain introduces a unique concept of Nodes, with a total set number of 304,000 distributed to users. Each Node is a non-fungible collection of native tokens (nNFT) with a specific representation in weight, known as Tokenlock. A Node cannot be broken down into individual coins and serves as one entity. Users can delegate Nodes, adding the weight of the holder’s authority to the validation mechanism, PoSA.

The starting IVO sale price is set at 0.01€, with the final target IVO sale price reaching 0.02€ until the exchange launch. This adjustment reflects the platform’s growing capabilities and the increasing value it brings to its users.

BlackFort Exchange Network is committed to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology and providing an efficient, and transparent platform for digital asset management. For more information, please visit their website.

About BlackFort Exchange Network:

BlackFort Exchange Network is a blockchain platform that offers an innovative Layer 1 blockchain and BXN Smartchain technology. With a focus on transparency, security, and efficiency, BlackFort provides a robust foundation for building blockchain-based solutions.

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