CHE Furnaces Commissions Automated High Temperature Salt Bath Furnace for East Coast Companies Engine Parts Descaling Plant

Aneheim, CA, 30th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, CHE Furnaces, a leading provider of industrial furnaces and equipment, proudly announces the successful commissioning of its state-of-the-art automated High Temperature Salt Bath Furnace. This cutting-edge system is specifically designed for descaling engine parts and is set to enhance the efficiency and precision of manufacturing processes for a factory on the East Coast.

Key Features of the System:

The newly commissioned system boasts a range of advanced features to ensure optimal performance in descaling engine parts. With a dual salt bath, dual rinse baths, and an integrated air scrubber, the system effectively removes smokes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the off-gas, contributing to a cleaner and safer working environment.

The heart of the system lies in its PLC automation technology and overhead conveyor system, allowing for seamless and precise material processing. This level of automation not only enhances productivity but also ensures consistent and high-quality results for every batch.

Designed in collaboration with a team of experienced engineers and fabricated at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Anaheim, CA, this system serves as a testament to CHE Furnaces’ expertise in engineering and automation. The company’s commitment to meeting the unique design requirements of its clients is showcased through this project, reflecting Che Furnace’s dedication to delivering tailored solutions for specialized industrial processes.

John Tittelfitz, the visionary owner of CHE Furnaces, expressed his enthusiasm, terming the commissioning of this automated High Temperature Salt Bath Furnace as a significant milestone for the company. He said, 

This project is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. The successful commissioning of this advanced system showcases the dedication and expertise of our team. We are proud to contribute to the efficiency and advancement of our clients’ manufacturing processes. 

About CHE Furnaces:

CHE Furnaces is an industrial company known for designing and building industrial furnaces and equipment. Operating from a 15,000+ square foot manufacturing facility in Anaheim, CA, they specialize in producing a wide range of furnaces, including drop bottom furnaces, car bottom furnaces, gantry furnaces, age and annealing furnaces, shaker hearth furnaces, draw furnaces, conveyor furnaces, exothermic and endothermic generators, roller hearth furnaces, and melting furnaces. For more information about CHE Furnaces and their range of industrial solutions, visit

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