Tennessee entrepreneur James Kenton is still seeking justice after wrongfully being accused of felony crimes

DA’s Office targets local man after having the initial case dismissed following illegal search and seizure

February 25, 2023; Nashville, TN – Tennessee entrepreneur James Kenton was arrested in July 2022 after being accused of fraud. Kenton operated the United States’ second-largest metal roofing contractor company. The businessman’s life was turned upside down by the state’s investigators, who illegally seized Kenton’s property during the investigation.

Tennessee Prosecutor, Chadwick Jackson, of the Davidson County District Attorney’s office in Nashville, brought the charges against Kenton. However, Jackson’s DA office is now under a criminal investigation of its own.

A variety of issues have come to light, including the decommissioning of the detective who filed the warrant for Kenton’s arrest. Detective William Thorowgood was relieved of his duties after it was revealed he had assaulted a homeless man in front of his wife and daughter. Thorowgood had a checkered past as a police detective even before getting involved with the case against Kenton. It has left some individuals with knowledge of the case wondering why Thorowgood was still employed as a detective.

Kenton is now seeking justice of his own, believing the problems within the Davidson County DA’s office played a role in his arrest. Kenton, whose business has been affected by the accusations of the Davidson County DA’s office, recently filed a lawsuit against the State of Tennessee over the civil violations perpetrated by the government against him. 

The Nashville-based businessman had his roofing contractor’s license, land, and boat seized thanks to fraudulent felony charges filed by the State. Thorowgood was the lead investigator in the case.

The initial case against Kenton was dismissed, and his property was returned. However, Davidson County DA Jackson hasn’t stopped his pursuit of Kenton and continues to seek revenge against the local businessman, who has been slandered by the State and media. 

Jackson filed five new felony charges against Kenton in a bid to prevent the businessman from filing his own civil lawsuit for illegal search and seizure. The DA’s decision to file further felony charges was a way to prevent Kenton from challenging a corrupt office, which is now being investigated. Kenton had demanded recompense for the civil and constitutional rights violations inflicted by the State of Tennessee. 

Kenton’s new attorney recently filed an appearance on his behalf to stop the case brought on by the State of Tennessee and prosecutor Jackson. The lawsuit was filed on February 20, 2023, with the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office. 

The initial media coverage of Kenton’s case was one-sided, as the businessman was shown in a negative light, most likely due to information provided to news outlets by authorities. 

For more information about James Kenton’s fight for justice against the State of Tennessee, please visit his official website.


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